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With over 20 years of experience, the Pride Crew first created Pride Lands childcare (www.pridelands.org.nz) in Wellington, an OSCAR programme that runs Before School Care, After School Care and Fun Holiday Adventures (Holiday Programmes) in Wellington suburbs including a week long or weekend Pride Escape programme for adolescents, teens and families.

Subsequently, they founded a charity in 2010 called Pride Awards Trust (www.prideawards.org.nz), whose main project is the annual Pride Awards, celebrating young people’s success and achievements across Wellington Region and eventually hopes to make it nationwide.

PRIDE is a special line of merchandise for young people and their families, designed to inspire cultural integration.

This line is designed to inspire the next generation of young people and their families, using stylish but refreshing taste and colours combined with the symbol of strength and courage. Pride also has the ability to tap into our cultural roots ensuring we do not forget who we are as individuals.

We hope through PRIDE, you can also find your courage, wisdom and understanding within yourself as an individual and not allow the world to dictate who you are meant to be.

On that note, we would like to share with you the following quote:

Thank you and enjoy exploring the Land of PRIDE!

pride quote