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Send us any of the clothing items indicated below (including a return courier) and we will print on it any Pride design (s) you like from our gallery. Please email us a picture of both your clothing item, the Pride design you want printed and details of where & how you wish the finish product to look like. Once we receive all these details, we will give you a quote before commencing the job. Once full payments are made, we will complete the job. If you send us a before and after photo as shown on 2nd Life, we will give you 5% off on your next Pride purchase.
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Pride Clothing is affiliated with Pride Lands Childcare of Wellington. Therefore if you have a WILD CARD, you get 15% off instantly from every purchase you make from us. Please e-mail us your WILD CARD number when you purchase online and we will refund you the discount. NB: The number will be crosschecked with the Pride Lands Childcare database. Please visit www.pridelands.org.nz for more information.
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Walk with us on social media in order to know everything we are doing including the arrival of new products and to get the best deals available only to the PRIDE. Visit our gallery (Pride Vision) now!
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For the best bargains, visit our worldwide auction sites in order to get the best-combined deals available to you.